‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’ Gets Even More Cryptic


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By Arden Dier,  Newser Staff
Posted Oct 6, 2015 9:45 AM CDT

(NEWSER) – There are two camps when it comes to the so-called Gospel of Jesus’ Wife: one that believes the Coptic fragment is the real deal, and one that’s convinced it’s a fake. There’s evidence to back up either side: Radiocarbon dating indicates the papyrus dates to AD800, and tests on the ink suggest it’s the same type used at that time. If the ink is authentic, it’s “conceivable” that someone might have scraped ancient ink from another ancient document, mixed it with water, and created the piece, but “no one has ever actually shown that this has ever been done,” reports theAtlantic. On the other hand, the document’s words and phrases—even a grammatical error—appear to have been copied directly from another ancient document, the Gospel of Thomas, leading to doubts. Now new evidence suggests that if the story of the Gospel’s travels is true, a man who once owned the papyrus may have risked all to get it.

The current owner remains anonymous, but documents show he or she bought the papyrus in 1999 from Hans-Ulrich Laukamp, who died in 2002; Laukamp apparently got it from East Germany in 1963, but those who knew him say he was living on the opposite side of the Berlin Wall at the time and didn’t collect antiquities. West Berliners could visit East Berlin but only to see relatives at Christmas, and carrying a papyrus—which would’ve looked like a coded message—would have been risky, reports Live Science. Is it possible Laukamp created a forgery? Maybe. Through his manufacturing company, Laukamp worked with scientists, engineers, and tradespeople who might’ve had the skills to pull off such a ruse. He’d also just built a new factory and a new house and opened a branch office in 1999. Creating a forgery would’ve given him extra cash, but so would selling off the real thing. (Scientists recently found the oldest known Gospel.)


This Sept. 5, 2012, photo shows the so-called Gospel of Jesus' Wife.
This Sept. 5, 2012, photo shows the so-called Gospel of Jesus’ Wife.   (AP Photo/Harvard University, Karen L. King)

DNA testing suggests elusive Yeti could be a polar bear hybrid roaming the Himalayas

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    UNDATED: This photo made available by Britain’s Channel 4 television shows Oxford University genetics professor Bryan Sykes posing with a prepared DNA sample taken from hair from a Himalayan animal. (AP)

LONDON –  A British scientist says he may have solved the mystery of the Abominable Snowman — the elusive ape-like creature of the Himalayas. He thinks it’s a bear.

DNA analysis conducted by Oxford University genetics professor Bryan Sykes suggests the creature, also known as the Yeti, is the descendant of an ancient polar bear.

Sykes compared DNA from hair samples taken from two Himalayan animals — identified by local people as Yetis — to a database of animal genomes. He found they shared a genetic fingerprint with a polar bear jawbone found in the Norwegian Arctic that is at least 40,000 years old.

Sykes said Thursday that the tests showed the creatures were not related to modern Himalayan bears but were direct descendants of the prehistoric animal.

He said, “it may be a new species, it may be a hybrid” between polar bears and brown bears.

“The next thing is go there and find one.”

Sykes put out a call last year for museums, scientists and Yeti aficionados to share hair samples thought to be from the creature.

One of the samples he analyzed came from an alleged Yeti mummy in the Indian region of Ladakh, at the Western edge of the Himalayas, and was taken by a French mountaineer who was shown the corpse 40 years ago.

The other was a single hair found a decade ago in Bhutan, 800 miles (1,300 kilometers) to the east.

Sykes said the fact the hair samples were found so far apart, and so recently, suggests the members of the species are still alive.

“I can’t imagine we managed to get samples from the only two ‘snow bears’ in the Himalayas,” he said.

Finding a living creature could explain whether differences in appearance and behavior to other bears account for descriptions of the Yeti as a hairy hominid.

“The polar bear ingredient in their genomes may have changed their behavior so they act different, look different, maybe walk on two feet more often,” he said.

Sykes’ research has not been published, but he says he has submitted it for peer review. His findings will be broadcast Sunday in a television program on Britain’s Channel 4.

Tom Gilbert, professor of paleogenomics at the Natural History Museum of Denmark, said Sykes’ research provided a “reasonable explanation” for Yeti sightings.

“It’s a lot easier to believe that than if he had found something else,” said Gilbert, who was not involved in the study. “If he had said it’s some kind of new primate, I’d want to see all the data.”

Sykes’ findings are unlikely to lay the myth of the Yeti to rest.

The Yeti or Abominmable Snowman is one of a number of legendary ape-like beasts — along with Sasquatch and Bigfoot — reputed to live in heavily forested or snowy mountains. Scientists are skeptical, but decades of eyewitness reports, blurry photos and stories have kept the legend alive.

“I do not think the study gives any comfort to Yeti-believers,” David Frayer, a professor of biological anthropology at the University of Kansas, said in an email. But “no amount of scientific data will ever shake their belief.”

“If (Sykes’) motivation for doing the analyses is to refute the Yeti nonsense, then good luck,” he said.

Sykes said he was simply trying “to inject some science into a rather murky field.”

“The Yeti, the Bigfoot, is surrounded in myth and hoaxes,” he said. “But you can’t invent a DNA sequence from a hair.”

The Bigfoot Chronicles – Human Encounters with the Beast!

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The Bigfoot Chronicles Human encounters with the beast.

Are the legends true?  Do Bigfoot and related Cryptoids really exist in our material world?  Can biology and science really explain these phenomenon?  Is the paranormal the final answer to these riddles?  Are there connections between all paranormal entities and what are they?  Do UFO’s enter into the paranormal question and what are their ties to Cryptids?  Why are these sightings on the increase? Why are these creatures never caught?   The answers may surprise you!  This animation details many sightings of Bigfoot.  Join us for an amazing adventure into Bigfoot Folklore!

Dennis Berube is an avid Bigfoot enthusiast and researched extensivley the history of bigfoot sightings and has chrnoicled them here. Dennis explores the possibility of bigfoot and other paranormal events in this animated documentary.

View the trailer

Although Dennis takes his work seriously when it comes to bigfoot and the paranoirmal, Dennis has a creative flair and brings his talents to the making of this movie.

Dennis is also an avid fan of the television series The Legend of the seeker. Here are a few other videos Dennis put together as part of his participation in efforts to bring back the series. They will give you a taste of Dennis’s talent, creativity and wit. Hopefully you enjoy The Bigfoot Chronicles just as much as we did.

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