Land a piece of space history

Space mementos including spacesuits, control panels, and one cosmonaut survival machete are among 300 of space memorabilia being auctioned off in the Space History sale at Bonhams on April 8.

  • MIR Space Station control panel
  • First edition of the first volume of this cosmonaut-produced journal
  • Mercury era spacesuit
  • United States flag carried to the moon on Apollo 12
  • Apollo 11 color hasselblad film positives
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Mercury era spacesuit

The first of the United States’ manned flight programs, Project Mercury aimed successfully to place a spacecraft into earth orbit. Fabrication of the Mercury suits was started in 1959, and NASA selected the B.F. Goodrich Company for the task. The Mercury space suit was basically a modified version of the U.S. Navy’s Mark IV high altitude pressure suit, with the most notable modification being an aluminized nylon outer layer to assist thermal control. Price: $8,000-12,000. (Courtesy of Bonhams)