Radical new hotel design looks like giant game of Jenga

  • Real live Jenga? This giant hotel features interchangeable modules.OVA STUDIOS

If you’ve ever wanted to see a giant game of Jenga, look no further than the latest hotel design that stacks recycled shipping containers on top of one another.

Hong Kong-based architecture firm OVA Studios developed the new “Hive-Inn” concept which has a metal grid frame that would allow one container to be slotted in and taken out without the others above or below tumbling out.

The idea allows for hotels to evolve, by either increasing or decreasing the amount of rooms, to fit demand.

Each container can be designed with customized by a specific brand, allowing companies endless partnership or sponsor opportunities over the years.

The “Hive-Inn” design is a submission to the Radical Innovation Awards Competition this year, an architecture competition that seeks designs that could realistically be implemented in the near future to help hotels solve real problems within the hotel industry.

On their website, OVA Studios states that they “found that creating a link between famous brands, container fit-out, and Hive-Inn operators could be a winning scenario in which greater experience for the customer could meet with more exposure for the brands, at a less cost for the operator.”

In addition to the exterior electronic renderings, the design firm has created two themed rooms. Car lovers will love staying in the Ferrari suite while fashionistas will flock to the custom designed Alexander McQueen room.

The Daily Mail reports that OVA Studios envisions the design for facilities beyond hotels, such as emergency housing or medical care units.