The allies at Anzio: Rare photos from WWII

 On January 22, 1944, six months after the Allied invasion of Sicily, American and British troops swarmed ashore at Anzio, roughly 30 miles south of Rome. The brainchild of Winston Churchill and dubbed Operation Shingle, the attack caught German troops stationed along the Italian coast largely by surprise; but after the initial onslaught, the Germans dug in. The next four months saw some of the fiercest, most prolonged fighting in World War II’s European Theater. Read more and see all the pictures at


  • Field hospital tents
  • Checking the wounded
  • Riddled with bullet holes
  • In the catacombs
  • Moment of silence
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Riddled with bullet holes

American soldiers inside hospital tent riddled with holes caused by German shrapnel from long range gun attacks that killed 5 and wounded 8 patients in the tent. (George Silk / Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)