The Bigfoot Chronicles – Human Encounters with the Beast!

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The Bigfoot Chronicles Human encounters with the beast.

Are the legends true?  Do Bigfoot and related Cryptoids really exist in our material world?  Can biology and science really explain these phenomenon?  Is the paranormal the final answer to these riddles?  Are there connections between all paranormal entities and what are they?  Do UFO’s enter into the paranormal question and what are their ties to Cryptids?  Why are these sightings on the increase? Why are these creatures never caught?   The answers may surprise you!  This animation details many sightings of Bigfoot.  Join us for an amazing adventure into Bigfoot Folklore!

Dennis Berube is an avid Bigfoot enthusiast and researched extensivley the history of bigfoot sightings and has chrnoicled them here. Dennis explores the possibility of bigfoot and other paranormal events in this animated documentary.

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Although Dennis takes his work seriously when it comes to bigfoot and the paranoirmal, Dennis has a creative flair and brings his talents to the making of this movie.

Dennis is also an avid fan of the television series The Legend of the seeker. Here are a few other videos Dennis put together as part of his participation in efforts to bring back the series. They will give you a taste of Dennis’s talent, creativity and wit. Hopefully you enjoy The Bigfoot Chronicles just as much as we did.

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