Woman drowns in wine barrel after becoming intoxicated by fumes


 (© Gennaro Leonardi)

A 25-year-old Spanish woman drowned after becoming intoxicated by fermentation gases and falling into a wine barrel, Metro reported.

Nerea Perez, a vineyard worker in northern Spain, reportedly had been stirring wine while it was fermenting— a lengthy process that allows the wine to come in extra contact with dead yeast grape bits.

The practice is believed to provide more body and depth to the wine.

Perez’s uncle Raul Perez, a well-known winemaker, reportedly discovered his niece floating face-down in the barrel after employees at the vineyard were unable to locate her.

According to one of Perez’s coworkers, Ginebra Peralta Colunga, said this is the first time that such a death has occurred at the vineyard.

According to Metro, accidents due to intoxication from wine gases are more common than many people realize.